Product description

FUNTAG CJ118 is a multifunctional metal processing liquid additive, which belongs to quaternary amine compound. It has flocculation sedimentation, anti-tramp-oil property and demulsification, and it is also a broad-spectrum microbial fungicide. Its advantages includes: suitable for various pH range, completely dissolve in water, easy to use, no foam and no volatilization. FUNTAG CJ118 is not suitable for oil-borne or processing fluid containing anionic surfactant.



• Effectively control of microorganisms;

• Eliminate odors caused by microorganisms;

• Effectively separating the floating oil and suspended material, extending the service life of metal working fluid;

• Improve the efficiency of metal working fluid in order to save production cost;

• Low toxicity, environmental friendliness.


Recommended dosage

Full-synthesized cutting fluid: 0.1-1%.

Typical data


Amber clear liquid

Density (g/ml 20℃)


PH value


Active composition


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